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                   Welcome Back  to the Final Stage of our

                                  great CAMEO Clearance Sale!  

                 New Products   -   New Prices   -   Special Offers


Our Great Clearance Sale Discounts of up to 75% are still available for you.


Many of our remaining Came Clearance Sale Products are now available in 3 Grades, each with their own  Price Level as follows:


      1.   PREMIUM Grade     -           New, unused products


      2.   SHOWROOM Grade    -           Ex-showroom samples which may have small marks but have never been used                                                                                                     and are almost new but not quite!!


      3.   BARGAIN Grade       -           May have minor factory faults, light damage in shipping or careless handling.                                                                                                       However, they still do what customers need them to do and they always look                                                                                                    great for your 'Special Occasions'.


       The reduced prices of the SHOWROOM and BARGAIN grades reflect the product's condition.



       Please click on a category at the top of this page to see all of our great products available at clearance sale prices!


       As always with Cameo, the choice is yours!



       Please note that we do not provide refunds or exchanges once your order has been delivered!




Up until now, Cameo's Clearance Sale Products have only been available on this website to order by telephone.  We have a selection of about 80 different items customers can purchase at our Clearan e Sale Discount.


We have now opened our Cameo Clearance Sale Showroom where we will have a large number of items in addition to the ones already on our website.  All the products on the website will also be available in the showroom.


It is not practical to put all of these showroom items on this website as some of them have minimal numbers.


Our PRICE LIST (see Price List tab at the top of this page) is a comprehensive list of all of the items we have in our Clearance Sale that are either on the Website or in the Showroom.  The only difference is that the items only available in the Showroom do not have images on our Website but you can view them live at our showroom.


If you wish to place an order you can choose one of the following methods:


1.     Over the telephone by calling 0208 209 1066


2.     Visit our showroom at:   Cameo Collection

                                                     9 Claremont Way



                                                   NW2 1AJ


         Opening hours:     Monday - Friday  9am -5pm


         Call us on 0208 209 1066 if you would like an evening or weekend appointment.